Smt. S. B. Patel Arts & Shri R. N. Amin Commerce College, Vaso

NSS Logo NCC : National Cadet Corp


Total number of students: 50

Objective : Serve to inculcate value of leadership, discipline, obedience and devotion for the nation amongst the students.

Motto : "Unity and Discipline"

Incharge : Prof. Chandrakant Parmar

Camp Activities: students are participated in the various camps like

1. Army Attachment Camp

2. NIC Camp (National Integration Camp)

3. CATC / RDC Camp

4. Annual Training Camp

5. "B" & "C" Certificate Exam Camp

Regular activities:

  1. Regular parades on every Saturday
  2. Social Awareness Activities like prohibition of smoking, aids awareness etc.
  3. Blood Donation Camp.
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NSS : National Service Scheme


Objective : Personality development through community development.

Motto: : "Not me but you"

Incharge : Prof. Govind Bhoya

Camp activity: The camp is arranged on the various themes like social, health, education for human awareness in every year for 10 days.

Regular Activity:

  1. Tree Plantation
  2. Blood Donation camp
  3. Celebrations of Independence Day/Republic Day
  4. Rally on Social Awareness
  5. AIDS Awareness Programms Campus Cleaning
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Cultural Committee


Objective : To enable the students to develop their side skills and to show their talent by participating in the various kinds of cultural programmes. To aware the students about the importance and the value of the cultures in the life and to increase their interest for cultures, to teach them acting, dances and music.

Incharge : Prof. Aditi A. Dave, Prof. Vijay Limbachiya, Prof. Shailesh S. Patel

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Objective: to inculcate in the students qualities like confidence, competitiveness, leadership, team spirit and sportsmanship.

Sports’ Activities: Indoor and Out Door Games.

Indoor Games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess.

Out Door Activities

1. Inter college competitions on various games like Bad Minton, Volley Ball, hand ball, basket ball etc.

2. Annual inter classes competitions like Gymkhana is also available for students.

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C.W.D.C. :

Collegiate Women’s Development Cell

Beside these, the college has established Collegiate Women's Development Committee (C.W.D.C.) in 2006-2007 as per direction of Gujarat University and honorable Supreme Court to ensure the prevention of any kind of harassment of women. CWDC holds different programme of awareness, legal rights, health and hygiene regularly. The committee also provide training to be self-reliant and economically independent for all the students of the college.

Objective: To enable the female students to fight the problems and remove them. To prevent women harassment by teaching them values of their roles. To make women aware about lows and justice of women. To train them to live independent and to teach them self-defense.

Mission: Empower Women, Empower Nation.

Incharge: Prof. Aditi Dave


  1. Women Empowerment Programmes.
  2. Health Awareness Programmes.
Different types of Competitions like- Mahendi, Case Gunthan, Food Preservation awareness, cooking classes, are arranged in the college.
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Carrier Development Cell :


Objective: To provide the vocational and educative guideline to the students.

Incharge: Prof. Chirag H. Jarivala


  1. Workshops on Personality Development.
  2. J.C.I.T Lectures
  3. Campus Interviews
Competitive Exam Workshops.
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Student Union :


Objective: To solve the problems and the questions of the students for the development of their career and study. To enable the students to participate in the formal meeting and speak out their questions to the respective leader and the Principal.

Incharge: Prof. Bhagvan N. Chaudhry.

Prof. Ramesh Sonara


1. Arrange the Formal Meetings

2. Receive the suggestions and feed back.

3. Solve Problem

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Parents & Alumni Association :


Objective: To encourage the parents and alumni to participate in the college programmes and to know the views and questions, to take the guideline from them for development of the college.


1. Arrange the meetings

2. Inviting them in the college programmes.

Wall Magazine Committee :


Objective: To develop the creative and inner skills of the students.

Incharge: 1.Darpan

Activities: Collect the various articles from the students and fix them on the wall.

Counseling :

The guidance and counseling unit is established in the college to provide guidance, help and counseling of the students in their academic difficulties. This unit works round the year

Every teaching faculty is available to solve student's academic difficulties for and hour once in a week.

Any student can approach teacher in his/her free lecture to get the solution of her difficulties.

The librarian guides the students in the matter of reference books and other reading material.

Meritorious students are given special guidance and coaching. They are also given library Gold Cards for better performance.

The department of psychology also provide counseling to the students in their programme.

SC/ST Minority Cell :

Objective: to support the minority students by solving their economical and Social problems.

Incharge : Prof. Ramesh Sonara

Activities: Meetings & Guideline