Principal's Desk

Dr. Pankaj K. Patel

I welcome you on behalf of Vaso college and management. The great personality and honourable Shri Motibhai Amin Saheb was well educated, value based teacher, social worker and the Bhishma Pitah of the Library system. Vaso Kelvani Mandal was established with the economical help by Darbar Gopaldas and inspiration of Shri Motibhai Amin Saheb. Vaso Kelvani Mandal had celebrated 75 years, Platinum Jubilee. As a result of that Smt. Sarlaben Babubhai Arts and Shri Ramabhai Nathabhai Amin Commerce College is established. The goal, behind the establishment of this college is to provide higher education to the students of rural area and also those who are undeveloped, belong to conventional rural society of Vaso and surrounding villages’ students get educated in the Local Area. This college is establishing because the students of the rural area and those who belong to conventional society can get higher education in the Local Area. Especially the college is established for girls’ education. The girls of rural area can get higher education and be literate. Smt.Sarlaben Babubhai Patel Arts and Shri. Ramabhai Nathabhai Amin Commerce College was built by the higher donation.

By the help of U.G.C. the goal is to increase the 21% of the higher education by providing education to rural society, to girls and undeveloped students. To fulfill this goal our college is ready. Higher Education is inevitable and basic source in the development of the Nation. We are performing the best from 23 years to provide higher education in rural society with strong determination of our college. The proper education is done in the college, you can find in the form of the mirror.

The system of evaluation of this college is totally different in the Gujarat University, the internal assessment and evaluation of the students is done by the Monthly Test Examination System. To make the students participate in education, our college arranges the monthly test, assignment, seminars, guest lectures and literary discussion. There are many other co-curricular activities are provided in our college, which are like NSS, NCC, CWDC, sports and cultural activities are very helpful to develop the personality of the students. Many students take interest in these all activities to develop their personality.

The chief goal of the college is to provide higher and value based education to the boys, undeveloped, and especially to girls of the rural area. Our college has achieved "C" grade with 1.86 points by NAAC in the year of 2008-09. This grade is definitely low to us but it is like an inspiration to us to work hard for increasing values and qualities. NAAC assessment made us to aware about our strengths and weaknesses. We try our best to improve our weaknesses and will get the high grade than what we have.

Value based education depends upon the development of the faculty. For the development of faculty, ICT Training programme, seminars, workshops and conference are arranged in the college. The research workshop is arranged by the college for increasing the interest and activities of the research.

By cooperation of the UGC, career oriented courses, TALLY account and foundation course of Human Rights, Remedial Course, Career Development Course, New Books in the Library, more than 50,000 e-books and 2100 e-journals are available in the college for the students. Computer Education is taken by the students with cooperation of the Computer Centre and the UGC in the college. Students also get the CCC Exam Certificate of the Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar University by the medium of this college. Moreover, the Training Centre for the government employers of CCC and CCC+ Certificate course is available in the college. Tally-0.9 and basic course are available for the students of outside. English Language is tool of instruction and communication, it is very necessary for globalization in the Modern Era. So that, our college has been started Digital English Language Lab by the cooperation or help of the State Government.

Keep in mind the vision and mission, our college staff is continuously increasing the value based and qualitative higher education.