Honorable Donors

The journey of our education society starts before 90 years – in the year 1918 by Shri Motibhai Amin – A born teacher of Vaso. He was strongly inspired by the library activities in the former Baroda state. He was a sincere educationalist of Charotar, who established the Vaso Kelavni Mandal under the Patronage of Vaso Yuvak Mandal, Vaso. He was known with the nick name of ‘SAHEB’. The Italian educationalist Mrs. Mary Montessori presented the idea of Pre Primary School (Kinder Garden) in 1907. He was inspired with her idea and he started Montessori Education for the first time in 1915 in the state.


Today Vaso Kelavni Mandal is successfully manage by the students who gets the education from different institutions managed by Vaso Kelavni Mandal and all the institution are successfully runs under the management of Vaso Kelavni Mandal even today.


Mr. Darbar Gopaldas was the petty king of Dhasa, Talukdas of Sankli and Rai villages of Surendranagar district was born in Vaso.

He was the dedicated soldier of the Indian struggle of freedom. He joined the untouchable movement of Gandhiji and called a meeting of untouchables of Dhasa and started social improvement. As he had help in the no – cooperation movement of Gandhiji, the British authority had captured all the properties of ‘Tyagmurti Darbar Gopaldas’. When he gets all his properties back from Britishers he had donated his entire properties and joined the freedom struggle with Mahatma Gandhi. He had started to give free education in his small state. He liked the Montessori idea of Mr. Motibhai Amin. And 1st Montessori pre primary school in the state was started with the financial help of Darbar Saheb in Vaso in 1915. Vaso Yuvak Mandal converted in the name of ‘Vaso Kelavni Mandal’ in 1918.

At present Vaso Kelavni Mandal manages below mentioned institutes:

1 J. M. Amin Bal Mandir 1915
2 P. B. Mehta Navi Gujarati Shala 1915
3 A. J. High School – Primary 1915
4 Tilak Vyayam Mandir 1923
5 A. J. High School – Secondary 1928
6 D. Z. Vidhyarthi Ashram 1936
7 M. R. Amin Kanya Vyayam Mandir 1938
8 GiBaBa Kanya Vidhyalaya – Secondary 1970
9 A. J. High School – Higher Secondary 1976
10 D. V. Amin Shivan Varg 1978
11 Aacharyashri R. K. Patel Technical Institute 1980
12 N. C. Amin Navchetan Primary School 1989
13 Smt. S. B. Patel Arts & Shri R. N. Amin Commerce College 1993
14 K. P. Amin English Medium K. G. Class 2005
15 B. A. Patel English Medium Primary School 2006
16 V.J.M.J.N.J Institute of Advance Technology 2012

Executive Committee of Vaso Kelavni Mandal

1 Dipakbhai Amin (Chairman)
2 Jatinbhai R. Patel (Secretary)
3 Udaybhai V. Patel (Joint Secretary)
4 Atulbhai C. Amin (Joint Secretary)