The College handling following programme and departments

Arts Commerce
Gujarati Accounting
Economics Commerce
Sanskrit Economics
English English/CC
Sociology Statistic
Foundation Foundation
Semester-1 Computer Skill
Semester-2 Environment Science
Semester-3 Computer Skill - II
Semester-4 Basic Computer Application
Semester-5 Adobe Photoshop
Semester-6 Research Methodology
Semester-1 Tally Accounting
Semester-2 Environmental Studies
Semester-3 Tourist Management
Semester-4 Right to Information
Semester-5 Tourist Marketing
Semester-6 Personal Finacial Planing
Soft Skill Soft Skill
Semester-1 India Constitution
Semester-2 Leadership Development
Semester-3 First AID & Emergency Care
Semester-4 Presentation Skill
Semester-5 Helth Management Diet
Semester-6 Fundamental Right
Semester-1 India Constitution
Semester-2 Leadership Development
Semester-3 Computer Skill
Semester-4 Research Skill
Semester-5 Presentation Skill
Semester-6 Writting Skill
Physical Education

Programmes :

Sr. No. Programme Level Name of the Programme / Course Duration Entry Qualification Medium of instruction Number of Studends
I Under - Graduate B. A./B. Com. 6 Semesters H.S.C. 36% H.S.C. 36% Gujarati 2012-12 = 38
2013-14 = 350
2014-15 = 315
II Certificate Course CCC(BAOU) 6 Months S.S.C. 36 % Gujarati 24
Certificate Course CCC+ in Service (BAOU) 75 Hours Government Class II Officers Gujarati 00
Certificate Course SCOPE
Level A
Level B
Each level 90 Hours 15 to 35 years age limit English
Certificate Course UGC Tally 0.9 6 Months Gujarati 50
Certificate Course Human Right Education 3 Months Gujarati 50

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